Gehring Law Firm Testimonials

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"I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to my attorney, Mr. Tom Gehring.

On May 26, 2012, I was injured in a motorcycle accident. A woman in a very large SUV was attempting to turn left across a five lane highway, while pulling a low-boy trailer, and texting. She did not see our motorcycle and pulled out right in front of us. I was a passenger on the back of the bike, and as the front of the bike crumpled into the driver's door, the back acted as a catapult and ejected me. I was taken UTMB trauma and to this day still can't tell you a lot about what happened to me in the days following the wreck. Two years later, I now take medications three times daily for "Crumbing spine syndrome," plus I have a brain injury which causes seizures. Here's the clincher. I had a 21st Center/Farmer's Insurance Uninsured/Underinsured policy for $100,000, and my own insurance company refused to pay me.

Everyone knows how frustrating dealing with an insurance company can be. Add to that injuries, missing work, and a brain injury, and the task can seem overwhelming! I can truly say from the moment I contacted Tom Gehring, he put my fears at ease. He is 100% on your side. There were times when I didn't understand how the law worked, why things took as long as they did, why my insurance company was treating me unfairly, and what my next step should be. All I would have to do is call Tom, send him an e-mail, or a text, and he was very quick to respond and give me all the right answers. He truly is a specialist in his field. Even when I would get "fussy" towards him, and then apologize afterwards, he never took it personally. He was always very professional and friendly, always ready to help me in any way that he could.

Believe it or not, it took two years for my insurance company to settle on my case. Tom never let up on them, and never shoved my case to the side because he felt we weren't getting anywhere. He never gave up on me, which caused me to have confidence in myself. I am back at work (though in an R.N. office job), and have started back at school to obtain a higher degree. I know the road ahead won't be an easy one with a brain injury, but how can I not believe in myself when Tom fought so hard for me? He is the BEST in his field.

As someone who has been physically injured, I can promise you that you will never find another lawyer that cares as much as Tom, or works as hard fro you as he does. He will stand by your side every step of the way, even if it is just a babystep. From beginning to end, he will be there to celebrate every victory."

-Adrienne M.
League City, TX

“I hired Tom to represent me concerning a car accident I was involved in a few years ago when I was hit from behind while driving on Cesar Chavez here in Austin. I tried to handle things myself, but the insurance company became very difficult and tough to deal with (although it was their person’s fault). I was given Tom’s name and number and called him. He came over to my office to meet with me and explained the entire process. A lawsuit was field and it took about another year to get resolved, but through Tom’s work on the case, I was able to get a good recovery. He was very professional and was always easy to get ahold of – in fact, he called me many times to give me updated without any request from me. He explained everything and made it easy to comprehend each stage of the case. I would hire Tom again if I ever needed him and would highly recommend him to anyone who has been injured and needs help.”

-Rayan R.
Austin, TX

"In September 2012, my 9 month old son and I were in an accident with an 18 wheeler. We were referred to one of those attorneys from TV and they were eager to work on our case. As soon as they saw the police report, my case was dropped by their law firm. Unfortunately, I was blamed for the accident at which point my husband and I lost all hope even though we had a witness on our side. We found Tom in December 2012. He was very persistent, honest and gave us hope with our case. His communication line was always open to me via text messaging, phone calls or email. I did not have to go through his paralegal and wait up to a week to hear back from him. His response was right away. Tom always kept updating us on the case and let us know what was being done as he was doing it. He kept on fighting until January 6, 2014, when the case was settled for more money than we thought we would get given the police report was against us. We can never thank Tom enough for his hard work! My family will always be grateful to Tom because he never gave up on us. Give Tom a chance because he will always be honest with you and will do everything he can do help. Thank you, Tom!"

-Nohemi O
Austin, TX

"Thomas Gehring was recommended to me by a friend who knew of his work. I can honestly say he is an all-in attorney who truly cares about his client and their story. He asks probing questions but intently listens to the answers because you will hear him repeat it weeks down the road. I never felt "the rushed feeling" by Tom on any of our phone calls or visits. He was prompt at returning calls and definitely always kept me updated on my case. Tom is an experienced knowledgeable attorney. One of the many things that I respect him for is his honesty and that he sets clear expectations. He was a tremendous help and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest personable attorney that will work hard to get what you deserve."

-Melissa B.
Houston, TX