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We're dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client. With us on your side, you're sure to come out on top with aggressive and effective representation.

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Over 19 Years Experience on Your side

We believe that the client comes first! We understand that hiring an attorney for any legal matter can be stressful. The after-effects of being carelessly injured by another person can be extremely stressful, as you must deal with pain or rehabilitation, life disruption and financial strain. One of our goals is to make this difficult time as anxiety-free as possible for our clients.

Unmatched Representation

When you call Gehring Law Firm, you can speak with Tom Gehring directly. We do not make you wade through layers of assistants and paralegals before discussing the heart of your case with your lawyer. The stress of the unknown can be overwhelming, so Tom himself will sit down with you to explain all the intricacies of your legal process. This discussion is usually very helpful in relieving our clients’ initial anxiety about the situation.

Tom maintains a flexible work and travel schedule, which allows him to meet with clients just about anywhere and anytime. Home and hospital visits are common.

Compared to other personal injury firms in the Houston and Austin area, Gehring Law Firm takes on slightly fewer cases so that we can dedicate ourselves to each of our clients to the absolute fullest extent.

Trial Experience

Tom Gehring has tried over 100 cases to jury verdict. This is important. Insurance companies are becoming more and more unreasonable about settling cases without a lawsuit being filed first. They will delay and deny, because they know that each roadblock they put in your way makes it less likely that they will actually have to pay out. They are also familiar with all of the lawyers in a given region, and they know who will roll over and settle when things get difficult – and who will keep fighting ‘til the end. Tom Gehring fights ‘til the end.